Watch how Kurt Vile went from banjo novice to selling out shows.  
"Made in a Minute: Kurt Vile"

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My first string instrument was a banjo that my dad got me when I was 14. I had a banjo teacher for like, one year. Banjo "teacher", but I used to just bring in tapes for him to teach me. I was just like a teenager so it would be like pavement songs or like cracker songs or something. Hi, I'm Kurt Vile and this is how I made it. You know, by the time I was 17, I made my first tape. From then on, putting out my own CD-Rs. In 2008, I had enough good songs to, like, have a Best Of, kind of, before I had any real records out. And so this little tiny label put that out. I was just getting so busy with the music thing, so that was tough to kind of work the full-time job, and I kinda luckily just got fired at the right time. So everything was pretty up in the air, 'cause you know all of a sudden I didn't have a job technically. That same week it was announced I got signed to Matador. I think every step of the way, every record just did better for me. That's me in a nutshell, right there.  
(Lyrics) Bought a ticket from a tin man, he was my main man 
He told me something, he told me everything 
Through my dark day, he led the way 
Again I stray away, again I stay 
There is but one true love, within my heart

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Made In A Minute 
My Story Told In 60 Seconds 
Made Possible By 
Kurt Vile

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