Watch us bring together a few BRIGHT students with an icon who inspires them, 87 year-old legend Tony Bennett, to perform the timeless hit, "The Best is Yet to Come." Gap is proud to support Exploring the Arts, the non-profit established by Tony Bennett and his wife Susan Benedetto. 
"Giving Love Through Arts Education: Tony Bennett & Gap (:90)"

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This is my calling in life. Like, this is what I want to do. 
If you keep on working hard, there's nothing that's gonna stop you. 
I was always singing for as long as I can remember.  
I just love to play music.  
Everyone has a passion, and everyone is so happy being in school. 
I feel like performing with him today, it's a dream.  
I'm pretty excited because, I mean, he's a living icon.  
I-I saw him a couple times in school, but I didn't ever say hi because, you know, it's him. 
Well, I like what Duke Ellington said. He said, "Number One, don't quit. Number two, listen to number one". 
(Lyrics) The best is yet to come and say won't that be fine 
You think you've seen the sun but you ain't seen it shine 
Wait till you see that sunshine day 
You ain't seen nothin' yet 
So that's a real good bet 
The best is yet to come

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can a love of the arts inspire confidence? hope? higher graduation rates? 
Exploring the Arts Foundation 
Founded by Tony Bennett 
Supported by GAP

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