The commercial begins at a Honda dealership, on the lot outside where people are shopping at the Happy Honda Days Sales Event. The announcer asks what does it feel like to get a great deal at the sales event, then cues Michael Bolton to sing about it. The clear blue sky starts to spit snow while Michael Bolton appears out of nowhere, flying over the dealership on skis, landing in front of a Honda Pilot to sing about holiday cheer. So to answer the question, "What's it feel like to get a great deal at Happy Honda Days?": Pretty awesome if Michael Bolton is around.  
"Happy Honda Days Sales Event -- Pilot, "Special Time of Year- Feat. Michael Bolton"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What's it feel like to get a great deal at Happy Honda Days? Sing it, Michael B. 
(Lyrics) This special time of year 
It's filled with joy and cheer 
For me and you and you and you too 
Catch the spirit with standard features like Bluetooth and seating for 8, it's the perfect season to get a great deal on the 2014 Pilot. From's best value brand. Right now at your Honda dealer.

Written Text

Happy Honda Days 
Sales Event 
0.9% APR 
On All New 2014 Pilot Models 
Start something special.

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