What's it like to get a great deal on a 2014 Honda CR-V? It's like sitting in the parking lot of a Honda dealership, at night, when suddenly Michael Bolton appears, standing on top of a CR-V, while the dealership is lit up in colorful Christmas lights. Michael serenades a couple in a CR-V with a song about snow and love and wonderment. 
"Happy Honda Days Sales Event-- CR-V, "Snow is Falling- Feat. Michael Bolton"

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What's it feel like to get a great deal at Happy Honda Days? Hit it, Michael Bolton. 
(Lyrics) Now that the snow is falling down baby 
My love is calling your name 
Catch the spirit with standard features like Pandora compatibility and a rearview camera, it's the perfect season to get a great deal on the 2014 CR-V, from's best value brand. Right now at your Honda dealer.

Written Text

Happy Honda Days 
Sales Event 
0.9% APR 
On All New 2014 CR-V Models 
Start something special.

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