Whether it's catching up on the news with Flipboard, watching movies, or getting work done with Microsoft Office, Windows tablets give you the best of work and play. The New Windows: One experience for everything in your life. 
"The New Windows: Traveler"

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Honestly? I'm not looking for five-star treatment. I get times are tight, but it's hard to get any work done like this. Then came this baby. Small, but with Windows and Office, it runs my work stuff and I can use apps like Flipboard for news or Xbox Video to watch the shows I'm never home to see. And I can still get work done at the same time. Excuse me, do you mind if I...yeah. 
(Lyrics) Honestly I wanna see you be brave

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Get the new Windows on the Dell Venue 8 Pro. 
$299 at Walmart 
One experience for everything in your life. 

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