This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'The Wolf of Wall Street', starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Cristin Milioti, Jon Bernthal, Jon Favreau, Ethan Suplee, Spike Jonze, Kyle Chandler and Rob Reiner. 
"The Wolf of Wall Street Official Trailer #2"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Excuse me. 
Is that your car on the lot? 
It's a Jag? 
Yeah, yeah, yeah. 
How much money you make? 
I don't know, $72,000. Last month. 
You show me a pay stub for $72,000 on it, I quit my job right now and I work for you. Hey listen, I quit. Yeah, I'm going into stocks.  
My name is Jordan Belfort. And at the tender age of 22 I headed to the only place that befit my high-minded ambitions.  
The name of the game? Move the money from your client's pocket into your pocket.  
But if you could make your clients money at the same time it's advantageous to everyone, correct? 
I started my own firm out of an abandoned auto body shop. We will be targeting the wealthiest 1% of Americans. 
I love three things. I love my country, I love Jesus Christ and I love making people rich. Hello? 
But I needed to mold them in my own image.  
With this script, I'm gonna teach each and every one of you to be the best.  
This is the greatest company in the world! 
I was becoming a legend. 
Aren't you married? 
Yeah, but married people can't have friends? 
We're not gonna be friends. 
I was making so much money, I didn't know what to do with it. 
Twenty-Six thousand dollars! For one dinner! 
Dad, we're not poor anymore. Tell him about the sides you ordered. 
What are these sides, they cure cancer? 
The sides did cure cancer, that's the problem, that's why they were expensive. 
Twenty Two billion in three hours! 
The real question is this, was all this legal? Absolutely not. 
He's got pictures of your whole inner circle. 
This is bad. 
It's OK. 
Rub my temple. 
You're all right. 
This right here's the land of opportunity. 
You just tried to bribe a Federal officer. 
This is America! This is my home! 
Good for you, little man. 
Little man. 
The show goes on! They're gonna need to send in the National Guard to take me out, 'cause I ain't going nowhere! 
We don't work for you, man. 
You have my money taped to your boobs. Technically you do work for me. 
(Lyrics) I've got a meth lab zoso sticker  
rolled up in my pocket  
Got a 7 inch trigger finger 
Don't know how to stop it 
And I'm giving it all 
(Lyrics) I want to grab you by the hair 
And hang you up from the heavens

Written Text

Wall St 
From Academy Award Winning Director 
Martin Scorsese 
Academy Award Nominee 
Leonardo DiCaprio 
Academy Award Nominee 
Jonah Hill 
The Wolf of Wall Street 
Based On The Book By 
Jordan Belfort 
Screenplay By 
Terrence Winter 
Directed By 
Martin Scorsese

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