This commercial for all free clear laundry detergent begins with photos of a baby and her stuffed bunny. The commercial follows the little girl and her bunny through the years, as both get dirty and messy in their activities together. The commercial ends with the girl, now grown up, packing her things to go to college. Her beloved stuffed bunny still looks as new and clean as if it were new. 
"all free clear Bunny Commercial"

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Childhood goes by too fast to slow down for sensitive skin. That's why All Free Clear is free of dyes and perfumes. It's the number one recommended brand by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for sensitive skin. And it's stain lifters help tackle tough stains. Give us your worst. We'll give it our all. 
(Lyrics) I can't believe it, I am growing every day now 
And it won't be long before I am walking out that door now 
I won't forget you

Written Text

#1 Recommended by Dermatologists and Allergists 
for Sensitive Skin 
free clear 
of perfumes 
of dyes 
give us your worst, we'll give it our all.

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