This commercial for Hallmark greeting cards shows various people, saying the things they want and need to hear from their loved ones. Tell the people you love, the things they need to hear with a Hallmark card. 
"TV Commercial - Hallmark - Happy Holidays - Tell Me - Holidays"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Tell me you can't wait for Christmas. 
And you appreciate the things I do. 
Because we'll always be a family.  
Tell me I bring out the best in you.  
That you're thankful. 
That it won't be the same without me. 
Tell me you love me. 
Even if you say it every day.  
Just tell me. 
Everyone you love has something they need to hear this holiday. Tell them with a Hallmark card.

Written Text

Life is a special occasion.

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