Jason Schwartzman sits in a chair in front of a cozy fireplace, reading a story about a family who cured their winter boredom, with a new Xbox One from Best Buy. 
"Family Gaming (featuring Jason Schwartzman) Best Buy Holiday TV Commercial #5"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

'Twas the snowed-in family that had run out of fun, till dad trekked through the snow for... 
The new Xbox One. 
Gaming, movies, music, live TV, all in one device.  
Hey, can I get in on that? It looks nice. 
Great gifts, like the Xbox One at your ultimate holiday showroom. Best Buy.

Written Text

Best Buy 
Xbox One 
Coming 11/22 
Low Price Guarantee 
You Ultimate Holiday Showroom

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