We believe in beating prices, not matching them - just one of the reasons why you're better off at Asda this Christmas. 
"Asda Christmas TV ad: Snowman"

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Asda believes things should be simple. So this Christmas, think of supermarket savings as these snowmen, here. Some supermarkets promise to match each other on price. But at Asda, we don't just match them, we beat them. Asda guarantee your comparable shop will be 10% less or we'll give you the difference. So you're 10% better off. Like this lovely Asda snowman, here. Why pay the same when you could be 10% better off, at Asda. 
(Lyrics) Just 'cause you think it, don't make it so 
Plenty of boys and girls in love

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10% Better Off 
You're Better Off at Asda 
Saving you money every day

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