I, Aleksandr, invite Mr Gary Barlow to celebrate one year of sponsorings the Coronation Street by perform new single on the famous cobble of Weatherfield.  
This is TV advert that show what happen when the meerkat villagers throw party at Mr Gary. He soon get into swing of things and have experience he will never forget. No matter how hard he try.  
"Compare the Meerkat - Meerkat Street Party -- Let Me Go (Fly High) by Gary Barlow and the Meerkats"

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We are here to celebrate one year of sponsorings the Coronation Street. So, without further, let me introduce you, Mr. Gary Barlow! 
Hang on, where's everybody else? 
It's Gary Barlow. 
You said it was gonna be a big party. And where are my musicians? No. 
Oh, Gary. 
Mister Gary look very happy. 
Huh. Wait until you see bill for fireworks. 
(Lyrics) A room full of sadness, of broken hearts 
And only me to blame for every single part 
No science or religion could make this whole 
To be loved but never love 
To have but never hold 
Fly high and let me go (let me go) 
That sky will save your soul 
When you pass by and then you'll know 
Let me go

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