James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell honor a conversation between "Lizzy" and "Kim".  
"At Sprint, Everything's Important - "Totes McGotes" Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Sprint honors Lizzy and Kim's call on our new network.  
Ryan is a total hottie McHotterson. 
Obvi. He's amaze-balls. He's like the hottest hottie who ever hottied. 
He's like a hottie times infinity plus another infinity. And his smile is totes adorbs! 
Totes McGoats, it's cray cray adorbs. 
Totes Ma-gotes. 
In honor of the important things you do, save up to $100 on any new phone when you switch to Sprint.

Written Text

Sprint honors 
Lizzy & Kim's call 
Save up to $100 on any phone 
when you switch your number 

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