With help from James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell, we honor an online auction item posted by Jim. 
"At Sprint, Everything's Important - "Another Man's Pajamas" Commercial"

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Everything you do on the new Sprint network is important. Today we honor an auction post by Jim. 
These Celtics pajama pants... 
Size adult medium. 
Are a must-have for any Celtics fan! 
There's also an adult medium. 
Now, if you're not a die-hard fan... 
Don't bet on 'em. 
If you don't bleed green... 
Don't bet on 'em. 
If you're too good to sleep in another man's pants... 
Don't bet on 'em! 
Let's go Celtics! 
Allow 4 to 6 days for shipping! 
For endless NBA passion, get unlimited talk, text and data guaranteed, from Sprint

Written Text

Sprint honors 
Auction post by Jim 
Unlimited talk, text & data 
while on the Sprint network 
for life. With Unlimited, My Way 
Official Wireless Partner

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