In this commercial for Old Navy, Melissa McCarthy plays a game show contestant on a generic game show, Overnight Millionaire. She makes it to the final round, answers the final question correctly (hoping to win a house boat) and wins the grand prize of a set of towels. Unhappy with her prize (because she is already stocked up in her house and storage unit with towels) Melissa McCarthy leaves the game show set when she learns that she could win a million dollars from Old Navy on Thanksgiving. A million bucks could buy a lot of towels. Or a house boat. 
"Old Navy: Black Friday (:60)"

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And your category is, holiday! 
Oh, that's my sweet spot, Don. 
Honey, how have you managed to make it this far in the game? 
I've watched this show every day of my life. Don! Don! Don! Don! Don! And I pinch myself that I'm here. 
What would be the best prize you could win today? 
Uh, probably a house boat. Last week, two house boats were given away and I'm, I got a feeling, behind that, house boat! 
Are you ready for that final question? 
You know it! 
Name a traditional Thanksgiving meal! 
Ooh! Nachos! Spiced turkey nachos! 
You just won a set of plush cotton towels! 
Towels! Oh, like towel towels. 
Just pretty flush with towels already, Don. I don't wanna, I'm just saying, my house and my storage unit's pretty full, I've already got a lot of towels, so... 
It's not like we're giving away a million bucks like Old Navy! 
Wait, who's doing what? 
You could win a million bucks on Thanksgiving at Old Navy! Plus 50% off the whole store on Thursday and Friday. 
I gotta bounce! Towels. Keep your towels! 
No, you keep the towels! 
You keep the towels!

Written Text

Overnight Millionaire 
First 500 in line enter for a chance to win 
50% Off Whole Store 
Old Navy 
San Francisco, California

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