Melissa McCarthy is on a generic game show, Overnight Millionaire. She makes it to the final round, answers the final question correctly and wins a set of cotton towels.  
This Thursday and Friday at Old Navy, get 50% off everything in store. Black Friday Sale starts seven p.m. Thursday. 
"Old Navy: Black Friday 2013"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

And your category is, holiday! 
Ooh, that's my sweet spot, Don! 
Name a traditional Thanksgiving meal! 
Ooh! Nachos! Spice turkey nachos! 
You've just won a set of plush cotton towels! 
Ah, come on, towels?! 
It's not like we're giving away a million bucks, like Old Navy. 
Wait, who's doing what? 
You could win a million bucks on Thanksgiving at Old Navy. Plus 50% off the whole store on Thursday and Friday. 
I don't want towels, I gotta bounce. And keep your towels!

Written Text

Overnight Millionaire 
First 500 in line enter for a chance to win 
50% Off Entire Store 
Black Friday Sale Starts 
7 PM Thursday  
Old Navy 
San Francisco, California

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