"For The Players Since 1995" 
This advert starts out in a teenager's messy dorm room. There is (an original) PlayStation on the floor as well as lots of games, posters, and other things you might find in a typical college student's room. He and a friend start playing Tekken. The camera spins around the room, and when it gets back to the TV, the game system as changed to a PlayStation 2. The camera does another loop around the room, and there is now an HDTV and a PlayStation 3 and a large group of people playing a racing game at once. The camera moves around one last time, and we finally get to the PlayStation 4 

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

PEGI 18 
You're too late. I've already summoned 
Okay, let's go. 
Alright man. 
How you doing? You alright? I'll catch you later. 
Get ready!

Written Text

Inspired by #PlayStationMemories 
Sony Computer Entertainment 
Come in, we're open 
Warning Do Not Enter 
Keep Out Gamer at Work. Blowing Stuff Up. Smashing Cars. Mastering Moves. Leave Food and Drink at Door. Do Not Disturb. 
Little Big Planet 
Bush Empire 
PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 
PS4 - This is for the players 

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