"Nueva Andes Barley Wine" 
This ad shows a man out in a rocky desert who raises chickens. He goes out to feed them one day and one of the chickens lays a bottle of wine - somewhat like the goose that layed the golden egg. The bottle comes out upright and lifts the chicken right off the ground. The man is so amazed, he immediately jumps on his motorcycle with the hen and drives to a friends house. The friend sits unimpressed for quite some time, but then witnesses the miracle with his own eyes and gets just as excited. 
The man has to do a lot to protect this bird - including fighting off coyotes. He also continues to show it off to friends and family, and everyone is always shocked, but pleasantly surprised. One day, the man is working on his farm and the chicken lays regular eggs. The next scene he is having a chicken dinner. It was good while it lasted... just like the limited edition bottles of Andes Barley Wine.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Andes Barley Wine - Edicion Limitada 
Well come on baby I'll show you how 
Come on baby I'll show you how 
We'll do it hard 
We'll do it fast 
We'll do it hard 
And we'll do it fast 
Come on baby, do the chicken, chicken walk 
Quiver yourself from 'a head to toe 
Do your stuff wherever you go 
Do your stuff upon the floor 
Do your stuff wherever you go 
Come on baby, do the chicken-chicken walk 
Push in and a-push out, push in and a-push out 
Push in and 'a push out, push in and a' push out 
Push in and a-push-push-push-push out 
Yeah, let's walk-walk-walk baby

Written Text

Uspallata, Mendoza 
Andes Barley Wine - Edicion Limitada (Limited Edition) 
Una Cerveza Reposada Con Roble (A beer with oak flavor)

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