"If Your Dog Can Dream It - Soaring - Pro Plan Commercial" 
This ad shows a little Black Labrador Retriever puppy sleeping on a dog bed. We can tell that he's dreaming because his is whimpering, his feet are moving, and his nose is sniffing. We see into his dream, and he is an adult black lab. Some throws a toy into a pond, and he is racing through the fields to get it. As he makes an amazing jump into the water, another black lab and a yellow lab watch on, obviously impressed. Just then, another dog barks (in the real world) waking him up, and he's a puppy again.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If your dog can dream it, Purina Pro Plan can help him achieve it. Purina Pro Plan's Bioavailable formulas deliver optimal nutrient absorption. Purina Pro Plan. Nutrition that performs.

Written Text

Purina Pro Plan 
Nutrition That Performs 
Share your dog dreaming. #DogDreams 
Your Pet, Our Passion

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