"If Your Dog Can Dream It - Swimmer - Pro Plan Commercial" 
This ad shows a Corgi sleeping on the couch with another dog. We can see his is dreaming because his little feet are moving back and forth, and he even lets out a little bark. We learn that he dreams he is on a dock by a small lake, and someone throws a ball in the water as opera music plays in the background. He happily jumps in after it. He does the dog paddle in his sleep as he swims out to the ball in his fantasy. His friend on the couch is also in his dream, and he's closer to the ball than the Corgi. Our hero, tiny legs and all, of course paddles much faster in his dream and gets to the ball first.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If your dog can dream it, Purina Pro Plan can help him achieve it. Nutrition that performs. 
Come on. 

Written Text

Purina Pro Plan 
Nutrition that Performs 
Your Pet, Our Passion 
Share your dog dreaming. #DogDreams

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