"Special Delivery - Holiday 2013 - Kohl's" 
This ad begins with a young red-headed girl in the upper "tower" of house. She has attached a giant rubber band to her window and is shooting wrapped Christmas presents out of her window with this makeshift slingshot. The first one lands in the bike basket of an older man. The next one is smaller which she shoots into the chimney of one of her neighbors. The present lands in her fireplace with sparkling snow surrounding it. She then fires a present into the kitchen window of another woman who is working with her son who is eating a giant ginger bread man. When she's done, a remote controlled helicopter flies up to her window with a present for her hanging from it. It is from a little boy across the street holding the controller. 
The old mans gets a cold weather vest. 
The woman at the fireplaces gets a diamond bracelet. 
The woman with her son gets a kitchen mixer. 
This advertisement was filmed at Heritage Square Museum in the Montecito Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

May your hands always be busy 
May your feet always be swift 
May you have a strong foundation 
When the wind of changes shift 
May you build a ladder to the stars 
And climb on every rung 
May you stay forever young

Written Text

expect great things 
Kohl's, Kohls, Cole's, Coles, Coal's, Coals

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