"2013 Steelers vs. Bangals Monday Night Football Commercial"

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Forty-three yard try to send Cincinnati into the playoffs. Cincinnati clinches and knocks the Steelers out. 
Let's go, baby! 
Monday Night Football. Steelers, Bengals. 8:25 Eastern on ESPN. 
(Lyrics) Well ain't got no apology 
Don't be no fairy tale 
Ain't got no excuses baby 
I'm doing my own deal 
I don't owe you a thang

Written Text

December 23, 2012 
CIN 13 - PIT 10 
Old Rivals 
New Chapter 
Monday Night Countdown 6:30PM/ET 
ESPN Monday Night Football 
Steelers vs. Bengals 
Monday 8:25PM/ET 
It All Comes Down To Monday Night

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