"Fiesta Movement - The Best Stories" 
This ad starts with videos of people doing fun things like hang gliding, road trips, sleeping in their cars, swimming with sharks, giant snowball fights, swimming, dancing at a rave, skateboarding, riding a water jetpack,

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You can follow the new 2014 Ford Fiesta at 
Champagne bike ride 
Stars come into sight 
Everything is alright 
Everything is alright 
Sea side moonlight 
Take a break from our ride 
Lay our bikes on the side 
Everything is alright 
Everything is all right

Written Text

The best stories don't come find you 
You have to go find them 
Go find your new story in the technology packed, fuel efficient 2014 Fiesta 
Go further 
Oregon, Idaho, Boise, Sacramento, Nevada, Salt Lake City 
Space Shot 
Computing route. Route confirmed. Please obey traffic regulations.

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