"McDonald's 'Somewhere Near You' Christmas TV advert"

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Now, somewhere near you is a place you can go where everything's real apart from fake snow. Where the bleary-eyed head after the snog office party. And mingle, some single, with the glitterati. After scouring the shops, after pantomime clapping, some go and get wrapped up in fiddly stick wrapping. You can go all aglow, or lurch in quite perky, for the great escape from all that cold turkey. Then the boggle-eyed gogglers quite sick of the box, rocking up in loud jumpers and a mockery of socks. We're here, don't you fear, with our own brand of cheer, for the lovers and loathers of this time of year. Come in formal, uniformal, or to get back to normal. We don't make a fuss, no not us. It's our pleasure, no expectations from relations and a smile for good measure. And beside all this glass made from fire-blasted sand, is a door you'll adore when it's pushed with your hand.

Written Text

There's a McDonald's for everyone at Christmas i'm lovin' it

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