"Speakeasy - New Amsterdam Vodka" 
This ad shows a group of guys going to a secret bar. They enter through a pizza restaurant in the city, head through the back, and then down into the basement. This "speakeasy" bar is full of interesting people, and everyone is being served New Amsterdam Vodka. Everyone has a great time, talking, dancing, listening to the live band, and of course - enjoying their drinks. 
Practice your right to assemble. It's Your Town. New Amsterdam Vodka: Be a model citizen. Please enjoy responsibly.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Don't come back anytime 
I've already had your kind 
This is your pay back, moneygrabber 
Don't come back anytime 
You've already robbed my blind

Written Text

Practice Your Right To Assemble 
Consult The Senior Advisor 
Going Out Is Your Civic Duty 
New Amsterdam Vodka 
It's Your Town

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