"Locally Laid Egg Company - intro video" 
This was the submission from Locally Laid to the 2014 Intuit Small Business Big Game contest to win a spot in Super Bowl XLVIII. Farmer Jason sits in his Wrenshall, MN field with 2,500 hens explaining why a healthier chicken lays a healthier egg. It's not rocket science, but it is science.

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My name's Jason Admundsen. I guess you would call me the head clucker of Locally Laid Egg Company. We have about 25 hundred chickens out here foraging and exercising on pasture every day. We're in Wrenshall, in the Duluth region of Minnesota. And our hens, they're all named Lola. That's right - she's a sassy chicken. Why is it important to have chickens on pasture? Well, in simple terms, a healthy chicken is gonna lay a healthier egg. Our girls are poultry athletes, and as you can see eat from a fresh salad bar every day. Beyond that, we feed our chickens locally sources, non-GMO corn, and we firmly believe that it's not rocket science that a healthier bird will lay a healthier egg, but it is science. 
We've been working with farms across the mid-West who've approached us and asked how they can bring Locally Laid eggs to their neighborhood. And to help offset our carbon footprint, we plant a tree with every delivery. That's why we stand beside our tagline, "Local Chicks are Better". 
This is a hard job, but our company's always been about one thing - providing real food to people, all the while treating both the hens and the planet well in the process.

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