"Vote Daily for Barley Labs! - Super Bowl Contestant Entry" 
This ad was the original entry from Barley Labs for the 2014 Intuit Small Business Big Game contest. 
The ad begins with several home videos of a Black Laborador Retriever (mix) named Barley. The dog plays with other dogs and cats, dances, and poses for pictures.

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This is Barley. She's seemingly your typically 5 year old lab mix. She loves playing with her pals. She even has a kitty friend. And she does one heck of a running man... er, dog. But what makes Barley unique is she's also the Chief Inspiration Officer and VP of quality control for Barley Labs - an all-natural dog treat company based in Durham, North Carolina. 
It started as a home brewing hobby and the love of our rescue dog, and turned into one heck of a business adventure. We take spent grain from a local brewery and turn it into dog treats using all natural ingredients that you don't need a scientific dictionary to understand. We have three flavors. Peanut butter made from all natural peanut butter, Pumpkin made from 100% pumpkin puree, and Cheese made out of real cheddar from a local dairy farm. 
Our girl Barley is a rescue dog, and because we believe every dog should experience a wonderful life in a forever home, we donate 10 cents from every bag sold to a local animal shelter. We started this business because we love dogs (and beer), and our guess is a lot of Big Game viewers feel the same. If you do, please vote for us. Barley will be forever grateful.

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Dog + Beer = Love 
Barley Labs 
Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Cheese 
Barley Labs 
Lab tested. Owner approved.

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