"POOP YOUR PLANTS - Super Bowl Content Entry" 
This ad was the Dairy Poop Natural Dairy Compost entry for the 2014 Intuit Small Business Big Game content.

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Hi, I'm Ben. 
And I'm Scott. 
We are the inventors of Poop. 
Seriously. Stop telling people we invented poop. 
Natural Dairy Compost. 
Well, a little big better, but we but we really didn't invent that either. 
Okay, someone else invented that. But, what we do do... is take poop from dairy cows... 
...Put it in compost rows for a few months to get get rid of all the sees and weeds. 
Then we run it through a screener... 
...And then we put it in a bag. 
And we sell it to you. 
By the bag full. 
For your plants. 
And yards. 
You can run it through any broadcast spreader, and basically poop on your yard. 
Or your plants. 
You could poop your plants? 
I pooped my plants. 
Absolutely, poop your plants. 
I pooped my plants. 
You poop your plants. 
I poop my plants. 
You know what's cool about our poop? 
What's that? 
It doesn't stink. 
That's pretty sweet. So I can touch it, smell it? 
We're sitting in a huge pile of poop. 
That we are, and I think I got some of that poop in my pants, actually. 
I pooped my plants. 
You pooped in your pants? 
Well, our compost poop is in my pants. 
Oh, you have poop in your pants. 
Yes, yes. 
He's got poop in his pants. 
We poop our plants. 
Thank you for watching our video. Thank you for buying Poop.

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Dairy Poop 
Natural Dairy Compost 

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