"Dogs Sing For A Cure - We Could Be Heroes" 
This ad features multiple musical dogs singing, rapping, playing the piano, playing the drums, and more. At the end, we learn that a cat is producing the song all the dogs are participating in.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We could be heros, but not on our own 
Heros, but not all alone 
Yeah, hey! 
Like a wolf pack 
We in this together (yeah) 
Through sun, rain, or stormy weather (yeah) 
Through it all we help each other stand up 
Now let me see everybody put your hands up 
And catch me as I fall to the ground 
We could be heros (splash) 
But not on our own 
We could be, we could be 
We could be heros, but not all alone

Written Text

Cancer kills 1 in 4 dogs. 
So, a group of us came together to ask you to help us find a cure. 
With a song. 
Animal Cancer Centre 
Please donate to the fight against animal cancer. 
Pet Trust 
Keep cancer on a leash 
Produced with the generous support of Purina 
Your Pet, Our Passion. 
Donate now. Our operators are standing by.

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