"ASUS Transformation Day Film" 
This advert shows a man starting his first day at a new job. He is shown his desk and his new computer - an ASUS Transformer Book Trio. He opens the cover and accidentally pulls the tablet from the keyboard and the boring cubical-filled office is transformed into an exclusive night club. When he snaps the tablet back into place, things return to normal. He explore the club for a while before getting a bit of work done. He snaps the laptop back together and is in a conference room where he has to make a presentation. After starting a video, he pulls off the monitor again and returns to the fun world - this time a casino. He runs off with a beautiful woman, but soon they are caught by an evil man (the boss) and barely escape with their lives by putting the laptop back together. The man appears in a field where a giant airplane is coming straight at him on the runway. He switches one last time and lands back in his office chair with a lovely co-worker who was with him in the other world smiling at him.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You'll be sitting here. 
The ASUS Transformer Book Trio. A laptop powered by the Intel Core i7 processor. A tablet with an Intel Atom processor. ASUS, we transform. 
I weep alone 
I weep alone 
My dreams keep up 
Inspires me 
... is in bloom

Written Text

ASUS Transformer Book Trio 
Laptop, Tablet, Desktop 
In search of incredible 
Intel Inside Core

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