"TV Commercial - Best Buy - Black Fridays Sales Event - Beats Pill - Poppin' Party - The Pill"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Down here. How can I help you, big man? 
I'm looking for something to make my party pop off. 
Check out The Beats Pill. I'm portable, but don't let my small size fool you. I'm loud! And when I say Bluetooth, I'm not talking about my beautiful hue, baby. 
But will it make my party pop off? 
This is some mythical unicorn stuff, man. 
(Lyrics) RIP (yeah), RIP (yeah), RIP (yeah) RIP 
I'm in a brand new dropped top rari with three [bitches] 
Tired of being in middle trial with three snitches

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