"2014 Range Rover Evoque - The Scent - Commercial | Land Rover USA" 
This ad starts with a man picking up a silk scarf from the ground and letting his pointer/setter dog sniff it. The dog immediately starts sniffing around to track the owner. The man hops in his Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and follows the dog through narrow streets of a European town. He drives down an staircase, through giant puddles, and tight turns until the dog finally stops and points at his "prey". The man runs up to a woman and hands her the scarf which she wraps around her neck as she smiles. He and the dog then jump back in the vehicle and drive away.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Land Rover - above and beyond.

Written Text

Cut a path through civilization 
Range Rover Evoque 
Land Rover 
Above and Beyond

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