"Healthy Way┬« Feel Good o Gram" 
This advert shows a James Brown impersonator going in to various places of business to bring people Feel-Good-o-Grams. He sings and dances, and gets everyone around to dance and have fun as well. Since it's an ad for Dempster's bread, there is sandwich eating as well.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What's going on, cool cats? I'm tryin' to find a "Jason" here. Are you Jason? Owwwww-a! 
Your boss tells me you've been keeping everyone on the straight and narrow. Is that right, mama? 
Claire, Darlia, they're all gonna miss you. You make them feel good. 
I am here to give you a bit of the feel goodin' that you're giving everyone else. 
Hit it! Hit it! Let's hit it! 
Who needs sugar? My mama says I'm sweet enough. 
You gotta boost your protein. 
Don't it make you wanna dance? 
I'm tired. I think I need a sandwich. 
Owww! I feel good 
I knew that I would now 
I feel nice 
Like sugar and spice 
So good, so good 
I got you 
When I hold you in my arms 
Know that I can't do no wrong 
and when I hold you in my arms 
My love won't do you no harm 
And I feel nice 
So good, so good 
I got you 

Written Text

A Healthy Way Feed Good Production 
We found some folds who make others feel good. 
Jaclyn - Superstar Manager 
Darlia + Claire - Youthful Retirees 
Jason - MVP Employee 
And we brought them their own feel good surprise. 
Double my fibre 
Boost my protein 
Say no to fat & sugar 
Dempster's Healthy Way 
New Dempster's Healthy Way 
Feel Good Bread

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