The Galaxy S 4 set a new mobile standard. The world noticed. With features like Air Gesture, Multi Window and WatchON, the Galaxy S 4 has always been an "impressive beast." Now with Galaxy Gear, it's on a whole new level. 
"Galaxy S 4 -- Best of the GS4"

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"Make no mistake about it, the Galaxy S4 is a great phone." - Business Insider 
"Samsung has an unstoppable hit in Galaxy S4." - CNET 
"Bottom Line: We highly recommend the Galaxy S4." - Digital Trends 
"It sure is an impressive beast." - PCWorld 
"The list of cool things the GS4 can do is astonishing." - Wired 
"How good is the Samsung Galaxy S4? Try amazing." - Forbes Magazine 
The Next Big Thing Is Here 
Galaxy S4 

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