This is a commercial for the talk show 'Raising McCain'. 
"Raising McCain Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We didn't make the rules, so why do we have to live by them? If it's our turn, shouldn't we rewrite the book? 
Any naked pictures of yourself? 
I never sent nude pictures to anybody. 
You received one? 
So on Saturday September 14th maybe it's time we speak up. This ain't your mama's talk show. Raising McCain on Pivot. Channel 267. 
(Lyrics) What more can I say 
What more can I do

Written Text

We didn't make the rules... 
do we have to live by them? 
rewrite the book 
Saturday Sept. 14 
it's time we speak up. 
Channel 267 
Raising McCain 
Sat. September 14 10E/7C 
Channel 267

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