Country music star Jake Owen stopped by Amazon to perform a few songs from his new album, "Days of Gold". 
"Jake Owen -- Live at Amazon"

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Thanks for having me here at amazon. I appreciate it. 
You can always find the best new music at amazon mp3. Like Jake Owen who stopped by to share some tracks from his new album. Check out more at and download Days of Gold, available now at amazon mp3. The right music for you. 
You guys are fans, man. This is cool.  
(Lyrics) Said these are the days of gold 
Well it's a Southern summer 
Whiskey's in the air, dog's on the burner 
Beer's ice cold, got a pretty little lady to hold

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amazon mp3 
Jake Owen 
Days of Gold 
The right music for you. 
The right country for you. 
The right pop for you. 
The right rock for you. 
The right hip-hop for you. 
Get Jake's album and millions more.

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