"Ashley Madison Rejected Superbowl Spot" 
This ad was submitted and rejected for the 2011 Super Bowl. 
The ad features porn star Savanna Samson going into work and writing "My Husband is a fithy cheater" on a whiteboard during a conference meeting. Also in the room is a capybara and a man in a bunny suit. We then see clips of everyone else in the office during their affairs in cars, and the office. Samson decides that she is going to cheat too, and her clothes suddenly explode and she is left in a bikini.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Jackie, is everything alright? 
No, I just found out my husband's cheating on me. 
Welcome to the club. 
Isn't it time for

Written Text

My husband is a filthy cheater!

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