The commercial begins with a man running into a wooded area, where a pigeon sits in a tree. The man looks at the pigeon and smiles, as the pigeon takes off flying. The man chases after the pigeon, running over railroad tracks, across a bridge, down a sidewalk, through alleys, and finally up a flight of stairs where he finds the pigeon waiting on a rooftop. The man picks up the pigeon, putting it in its cage.  
"The GEL-Kayano 20 TV Spot"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) I can't lose with the stuff I use  
(Don't you just know it)  
Baby, don't believe I wear two left shoes  
(Don't you just know it)  
Ah ha ha ha  
(Ah ha ha ha)  
Ey eh, oh  
(Ey eh, oh)  
Gooba, gooba, gooba, gooba  
(Gooba, gooba, gooba, gooba)  
Ah ha ha ha  
(Ah ha ha ha)

Written Text

Better Your Best 

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