The Next Big Thing at the North Pole is not a watch. It's the Galaxy Gear. 
"Galaxy Family -- Santa's Secret"

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Welcome to Santa's Big Christmas Secret 2013! You guys ready for the next big thing? I said, are you ready for the next big thing? Call me crazy, can a watch make a phone call? 
Does a watch let you know when you've walked away from your phone? 
Can a watch take a picture? 
All right,let's get a picture of you two, front row, all right, and this dude. Ba-dow! What's that? I'm getting a call from Mrs. Claus. Hey, sweetie. 
What are you doing? 
Oh, nothing, just talking about a million beautiful elves! Now I ask you, can a watch do all that? 
It's not a watch! 
What'd you just say? 
It's not a watch? 
Say it again! 
It's not a watch! 
It's a miracle. 
The Galaxy Gear, now also available for the Galaxy S 4, S III and Note II. 
(Lyrics) Hey I just met you 
And this is crazy 
But here's my number 
So call me maybe 
It's hard to look right at you baby

Written Text

Santa's Big Christmas Secret 2013 
Next Big Thing 
The Next Big Thing Is Here 
Galaxy Gear 

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