The Rolling Stones return to Hyde Park, London almost 44 years to the day after their legendary free concert in July 1969. 
"The Rolling Stones: Sweet Summer Sun - Return to Hyde Park Trailer"

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We've been on the road 50 years, right? And, uh, a gig's a gig. You're just gonna go out there, it's another gig. Don't care if it's a small one, a big one, indoors, outdoors, you're gonna go out there and try to murder 'em. 
Ladies and gentlemen, would you welcome back to Hyde Park, The Rolling Stones! 
I never thought we'd necessarily play Hyde Park again. It's a different feeling playing in your hometown.  
You know, when you get up on the stage and you hit the first notes and you look at that sea of people, it's like coming home. If you have one. 
Thank you Hyde Park. 
(Lyrics) It's just a kiss away, it's just a kiss away 
It's just a kiss away, kiss away, kiss away 
It's just a kiss away

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The Rolling Stones 
Fifty Years 
The Rolling Stones: Sweet Summer Sun - Return To Hyde Park 
Premieres Friday December 20 9/8c

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