"Get NAKED : Four Seasons Condoms #GetNAKED"

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What about this one? 
I don't know. 
Hi, can I help you? 
Yeah, I'm just looking for a condom. 
OK, um, do you know what size you are? 
We've been overseas, so, um. 
I know my European size if that helps. 
Well why don't we just try one on? How does that one feel? 
Yeah it's good. Real comfortable. 
You know, it really brings out the color of your eyes. It's very nice. 
I don't know. I might try one size up. 
Mmm, this one feels too big. 
Yeah, this size feels good. 
Hey, mum. Yeah, good. Just trying on some condoms with Tyson. 
Oh, this size is awesome! 
Hey! The toothpaste is on sale! 
Oh yeah? 
Sex is more fun naked. So get naked and let the fun begin. 
Thanks, guys. 
Come again!

Written Text

Naked Closer 
Naked Super Fit 
Naked Larger 
Naked Classic 
In Four Condom Sizes 
Four Seasons Condoms

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