This is a commercial for the Huge Gift Sale at Old Navy, the place for last-minute gifts for everyone on your list, from $5, $10 and $15. Warm gifts, must-have gifts and colorful gifts.  
"TV Commercial - Old Navy - Happy Holidays - Huge Gift Sale"

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Bust in to Old Navy's Huge Gift Sale for up to 60% off every gift you need. Five bucks for colorful gifts like scarves, tees, hats and gloves. Ten bucks for must-have gifts like ballet flats, hoodies and thermals. Fifteen bucks for warm gifts like vests, flannels and sweaters. Bust-a-move for last minute gifts for the whole family from just 5, 10 or 15 bucks. Plus get up to 60% off throughout the store. Right now, at Old Navy. 
(Lyrics) Bust it 
You want it, baby you got it 
Break it down for me, fellas 
Just bust a move 
You want it, you got it 
You want it, baby you got it

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Up To 60% Off  
Throughout The Store 
Colorful Gifts From $5 
Must-Have Gifts From $10 
Warm Gifts From $15 
Great Gifts From $5 $10 $15 
Huge Gift Sale 
Old Navy 
San Francisco, California

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