A people are at Randy's Donut shop, their attention is turned to an older woman, who is dancing around the parking lot, unleashed by music. 
"56th GRAMMY Awards - 'Music Unleashes Us: Doughnut Shop"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Alright, OK 
Uh, alright, OK 
Alright, OK 
Return of the Mack, get up! 
What it is, what it does, what it is, what it isn’t 
Looking for a better way to get up out of bed 
Instead of getting on the Internet and checking a new hit 
Get up! Fresh out, pimp strut walking, little bit of humble, little bit of cautious 
Somewhere between like Rocky and Cosby 
Sweater gang, nope, nope y’all can’t copy 
Bad, moon walking, this here is our party, my posse's been on Broadway, 
And we did it our way 
Grown music

Written Text

Randy's Donuts 
Music Unleashes Us 
The Grammys 
Sunday Jan 28 8/7c CBS

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