"Doritos: Most Generous Man (Contest Version)" 
This ad was a semi-finalist in the 2014 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. 
The advertisement begins by asking the question, "Who is the most generous man?" A man walks into a doctor's office waiting room with a bag of Doritos while another man is already in the room with his own bag. The guy we assume is the most generous man (because his T-shirt tells us he is) starts sharing his Doritos with a man with two broken arms and a neck brace. Another man with a T-shirt that reads, "Most Most Generous Man" starts sharing his Doritos with a business man who seems to have nothing wrong with him. The man with the broken arms is happy to be getting fed chips, but the business person just seems annoyed by the other man. Soon they are both down to their last chip and the Most Most Generous Man eats his. The Most Generous Man then eats his, however the Most Most guy still has a trick up his sleeve. An old woman comes in and he gives her a big kiss leaving cheese powder all over her mouth.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Who's the most generous man?

Written Text

Who's the most generous man? 
Most generous man 
Most most generous man 
For the Bold

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