"Over 2 Million Containers, 2,000 Routes - GE" 
This ad shows how GE uses multiple mean of transport to move millions of shipping containers across the US and the world. From trains, to cargo ships, to trucks, cargo is efficiently moved anywhere.

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Intermodal is a highly efficient transport system that connects rail, truck, and ocean freight. 
Many of the products we consume every day are shipped via intermodal transport. 
GE Evolution Series Locomotive 
CSX Intermodal Terminals' Facility North Baltimore, Ohio 
GE Trip-Optimizer System Cruise Control for Locomotives 
CSX Warning Highcube, UMAX 
Sporting Goods, Appliances, Apparel, Electronics 
CSXT Intermodal Network 
GE helps CSXT deliver over 2 million containers across 2,000 routes every year 
Millions of washing machines (beverages, basketballs, jeans, tennis racquets, refrigerators, light bulbs, computers, t-shirts) are delivered every day with the help of GE's Trip Optimizer System. 
GE Works 
GE Imagination at Work

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