"Meijer Ad - Spread the Spirit" 
This ad shows a family putting up Christmas decorations and Christmas lights outside on a house. They are all enjoying themselves and getting into the spirit of the season. The dad, finally plugs everything in, and they stand back and enjoy all the work they just finished. They then go inside to the house next door. A while later and old woman comes home, and it turns out they decorated her house for her. She is very happy, and the neighbors feel good for doing something nice for her.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, girls, how are those lights? 
Good. Great. 
How's your snowman? 
You're doing a great job. Okay, here we go. 
Whoa. Wow. Beautiful. I like it. Cool, huh? 
It looks awesome. Good job. 
Thank you. 
Okay, let's go inside. 
When you get all your lighting and Christmas decorations at low Meijer prices you can spread the spirit of the season a little further. And the further you spread the spirit, the better the holidays get.

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