"Helpouts by Google: Kris" 
This ad starts with Santa Claus (aka, Kris Kringle, Kris Lewis) getting up in the morning a few weeks before Christmas. As he eats his breakfast, he checks his calendar on his Android phone. He then tries on his Santa suit and find that one of the sleeves is ripped. He pulls out a sewing kit from the closet and then opens up his Google Chromebook to log into Google Helpouts to find someone to show him how to fix the tear. He video chats with a woman and they work through the problem as she teaches him some sewing techniques. 
Next Santa starts going through his pantry. He decides to get help on baking next, and works with a man who helps him to make some dough for cookies. After this he gets singing lessons online, and returns to his baker helper when the cookies come out of the oven. 
Once he's done all these things at home, he rides his bike to the mall for Santa auditions. It turns out this wasn't Kris Kringle, it was Kris Lewis and he was just preparing for his job interview. With the help of Google Helpouts, this man easily gets the job over all the other applicants.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh, hey. How can I help you? 
My sleeve has come right off. 
Oh, okay. We can fix that for you. So I'm going to teach you the running stitch. Underneath and out. That's great. 
Yeah, that's it. That's it now. Just use this part. Perfect, yeah, that's good. Now, to the oven they go. 
Ho ho *neigh* 
Shoulders relaxed. 
Ho ho ho ho ho. 
Ho ho ho ho ho. 
You're gonna do great. Keep it up, okay? 
Oh, man. They look delicious. It's good - bravo. 
Kris Lewis, step forward. 
Ho ho ho!

Written Text

Morning Crisp 
December 2013 - Big Day 2 weeks 
Helpouts by Google 
Real help, from real people, in real time. 
Sewing Help 
Sewing Essentials; Basic Sewing Help; Sewing Help for Beginners; Quilting, Sewing, and Knitting Help and Advice 
Susan Gordon - This is a Helpout between Susan Gordon and Kris Lewis on Sewing help for beginners. In progress... 
Holiday Baking Help 
Santa Auditions 
Mega Sale 
We can all use a little help around the holidays. 
Google Helpouts, Google Help Outs 
Santa Claus, Santa Clause, Kris Kringle, Chris Kringle, Kris Cringle, Chris Cringle, Kris Lewis, Chris Lewis

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