Girls Season 3 premieres Sunday, January 12 at 10PM ET. 
"Girls Season 3: Trailer #2 (HBO)"

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I'm really, really not hungry, so maybe you can just order me pancakes and, uh, turkey bacon. And then I guess if they don't have turkey bacon then I'll have regular bacon. And a milkshake, thank you. 
It's really amazing that all three of you have accomplished so little in the four years since college. I mean, like, think about it. Four years. 
Four years is like nothing.  
You can't break up with me. I wouldn't be eating pizza in front of you if I actually liked you. 
You know, if you wrote down all these business lessons, then you wouldn't have to spout embarrassing platitudes in public. 
Do you think that I think this is the best use of my myriad of talents? 
You know, happiness is about appreciating what you have.  
Hey, hey! Deepak Chopra! I'm sick of your shit! 
I have a very exciting meeting with a publisher who I think is pretty interested.  
Everything that's been so terrible and painful in the last few months was leading me to this point.  
Hannah! Had Mo read a couple of chapters last night and he loved them. So, I read a bit this morning and I get you, Hannah Horvath. And I like you. 
Make it rain. 
I have been there and I have done that. Is that something you think you can handle? 
This is Hannah. 
I'm a live and let live person. I think that's the generous way to be.  
And I see you found the snack room as well.  
These are not just for me. 
(Lyrics) My life's a book of short stories 
And we wrote a new one every day 
I thought I'd be OK till I hit that floor 
I thought I'd be fine till I needed more 
I thought I'd be OK till I hit that floor 
Oh, I need more, I need more, I need more 
(Lyrics) We can do this all night 
Let go 
Let's go 
I know what it's like

Written Text

From Writer & Director 
Lena Dunham 
And Executive Producers 
Judd Apatow & Jenni Konner 
The Award-Winning Series Returns 
A Special Presentation 
2 Episodes 
Back To Back 
Premieres January 12 @ 10pm/9c 

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