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This ad shows you some of the amazing places you can go all over the world with Adventures by Disney.  
Visiting Buddhist monestaries, rice paddies, canoe river rides, bicycle tours, old mansions, boogie boarding at the beach, ancient Aztec ruins, swimming under waterfalls, traditional dancing, cable car rides up mountains, sailing, horse drawn rides, horseback riding, camel rides by the Great Pyramids in Egypt, train rides, white water rafting, zip lines over the jungle, visits to old castles, bike riding through the country, relaxing in hammocks, elephant rides, snorkeling, and much much more.  
Adventures by Disney offers guided group vacations in more than 20 countries, giving families an unforgettable way to discover the world together...let's adventure together! Adventures by Disney delivers all the ingredients for unforgettable trips to some of the world's most popular destinations. And, best of all, because every detail is taken care of, you can focus on spending time with your family and enjoying your vacation.

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I'm gonna race you to the fence, to the fence 
I'm gonna race you to the fence 
I'm gonna chase you 'round the block, 'round the block 
I'm gonna chase you round the block 
Come along, jump out the door 
You can't hold it back no more 
I'll show you how the birds learned how to fly 
I'm gonna take you on a ride, on a ride 
I'm gonna take you on a ride 
I'm gonna race you to the sky, to the sky 
I'm gonna race you to the sky 
Come on, jump out the door 
You can't hold it down no more 
This might be the best day of your life

Written Text

Let's adventure together 
Adventures by Disney

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