Stories connect us. Songs move us. Games give us a jolt. Entertainment opens our eyes. And more than anything, touches our hearts. So we created a better way to play all the things we love. 
"Google Play: Play Your Heart Out"

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The heart. It's a funny thing. Yeah, it's one, two, three, four chambers that pump blood through the body. But it does so much more. It pines. It sinks. It soars. Bands have heart. Stories tug at it. Games send it racing. And each day is a chance to give every beat a meaning. The heart wants a kiss to send it fluttering. And it wants it now. It wants break up songs, red-eye movie nights and late night creme brulee. And it wants heavy hearts, heartbreak, heart racers, heart-bursters and heart stoppers. Sometimes the heart loves hating. And sometimes, the heart hates loving. But more than anything, the heart just wants to feel. There are about 2 billion, 500 million (2,500,000,000)heartbeats in a lifetime. You should feel every one of them.

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You're My Hero 
Stephen King 
Doctor Sleep 
play your heart out 
Google play 
movies & tv 
All titles and millions more available now on Google Play.

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Monsters, Inc. part of Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc.
part of Monsters, Inc.

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