A little girl is swinging in a tree swing, talking about what she wants to do and be when she grows up.  
"Weight Watchers Winter 2014: Your New Beginning Starts Here"

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When I grow up, I wanna, I wanna be a dolphin tamer. And I wanna swim to the bottom of the ocean with some mermaids and make everybody in the ocean happy. Especially the mermaids. 
Remember when you thought anything was possible? It still is. Introducing Weight Watchers new Simple Start. Our simplest plan ever. A two week plan to start losing weight right away. Get motivation at meetings or do it entirely online. Weight Watchers. Your new beginning starts here.

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Remember when you thought anything was possible? 
Weight Watchers 
Simple Start 
2 week jump-start 
meetings or online 
1 800 START NOW 
Your new beginning starts here

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